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by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Dec 16, 2020

Singxer is a China-based company, founded in 2011. Singxer is mainly to develop high performance audio products, undertaking the project with respect to audio products’ OEM and ODM. Their R&D team have years of experience in audio products development, have been researching and developing the latest products in the audio fields. 


In the XMOS Audio aspect, Singxer takes the lead in developing the XMOS second-generation xCORE-200 series processors, At the same time, in the hardware architecture, Singxer self-developed clock system,independent to development of digital phase locked loop technique "SHDPLL", I2S shaping technology, and the isolation technique.


su-6 digital interface 


With the popularization of digital music streaming, digital interfaces and decoders are indispensable. Most DACs do benefit from being paired with high quality USB converters, often sounding significantly better compared to a direct connection to the DAC's USB input. And Singxer is praised by it's high-performance USB digital audio interface like SU-2, SU-6. Singxer also released their new flagship SDA-6 AK4499 XMOS XU208 DAC in July, 2020. 


As a high-end USB interface, the SU-6 uses XMOS' latest xCORE-200 series and Xilinx's high-performance large-scale PGA chip and utilises two Crystek CCHD low phase noise Femto second clocks. These clocks are contained in a metal enclosure for temperature stability. It offers offers a high level of information retrieval, with a silky and refined top-end and controlled bass with the right amount of tightness and bloom.The SU-6  Midrange is more laidback and richer, but is still detailed and textured, will not get the feeling of information being smoothed over.




The SDA-6 features an AK4499EQ DAC chip and AK4118 as a digital audio receiving chip, it supports up to PCM 384kHz and DSD512 natively. Besides USB,SPDIF,AES,OPT and I2S inputs, It also supports external clock input, among which USB supports 10M clock input, and other interfaces support WCK input. There are built-in 4 independent ultra-low jitter audio crystal oscillators, equipped with a femtosecond-level local clock system for USB. SDA-6 sounds slightly fuller and richer and delivers dynamics and detail more effortlessly. It is muscular but nimble, with excellent tonal balance and refinement. 




Singxer never stop their steps in audio field, now they released the latest product, Singxer SA-1 full balance class A headphone Amplifier/ Preamp . SA-1 adopts four-way fully independent fully discrete Class A amplifier circuit design. Analog amplifier circuit and control, avoids EMI interference caused by digital control. This powerful AMP features three output ports with a fully balanced output with a 4-Pin XLR, an unbalanced 6.35mm output port and 4.4mm balanced output ports. It can be used in two different modes, either as a headphone AMP to power up your greedy headphones or as a Pre-AMP. Also, High-low gain set up adapt to various sensitivity headphones.



Ultra-low distortion: THD+N -120db @1khz A weighting 20-22khz, When outputting 50mv at low gain, THD+N still has -96db @1khz A weighting 20-22khz.

Ultra-low noise: At low gain, the bottom noise is 300nv RMS A weighted 20-22khz,the direct test value of AP2522 is 0.66uv, At maximum output, SNR and DNR are 147db.

Banlance output power:          

6480mW x2 @32Ω 

2000mW x 2@120Ω 

380mW x 2@600Ω

Size: 234MM*170MM*46MM.

Weight: 1.8KG


More Measurement details of Singxer SA-1 from L7Audiolab

 Measurements of SA-1

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