Black Friday x Cyber Monday sales is here!

Missed 11.11 sales? No worries! The last shopping festival of 2022 is here! Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales is on at the same biggest deals, taking place November 24th-29th PT. We're scanning t...

24 Nov, 2022
New Product Releases


More often than not, dynamic drivers are found in consumer-oriented headphones. Why? Simply because they’re an affordable choice. And the full-size dynamic driver headphones are the top alternative...

21 Nov, 2022
New Product Releases

Truthear HEXA is accessible!

Truthear, a brand-new brand, become famous when they brought their first IEMs, ZERO, which collaborated with Crinacle! It offers amazing sound performance based on this price level! And this time, ...

10 Nov, 2022
New Product Releases

MOONDROP Full-size Planar Headphone Say Hi!

Planar magnetic headphones and their benefits are well-known in the audiophile community. They use an ultra-fast-moving and super-thin diaphragm set between two magnets and are typically quite expe...

05 Nov, 2022
New Product Releases

MOONDROP flagship TWS, ALICE is released!

The best TWS? It's a question we get asked a lot. You might get your answer after reading.And portable listening gear is ideal given the daily commute, right? Users who want a pair of earbuds that ...

31 Oct, 2022
New Product Releases

TOPPING E70 DAC & L70 AMP is up!

TOPPING has been busy again with another release of compact high-performance desktop DAC and AMP. This time they're focusing on the successor of the E and L series, launching the new E70 and L70 DA...

25 Oct, 2022
New Product Releases

SMSL SU-9 PRO ES9039PRO DAC is available!

A midrange-priced DAC from SMSL, which is chock-a-block full of all premium features!Honestly, if you haven't tried the devices from SMSL, you have to get acquainted because you’re missing a lot. P...

20 Oct, 2022
New Product Releases

MOONDROP's first planar earphone - STELLARIS is up now!

Shine your ears! A few weeks ago, MOONDROP gives some hints about their new planar in-ear earphone, STELLARIS, it is aptly named and has the same gorgeous look as the popular Starfield. The deep bl...

28 Sep, 2022