DUNU EST112 DD+BA+EST Tribrid IEMs Launched

DUNU EST112 DD+BA+EST Tribrid IEMs Launched

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Mar 27, 2021

Last month, we posted an article on DUNU Zen IEMs and talked about how it stroke the splash and received high praise from reviewers,  we also mentioned their famous 6BA driver balanced Studio DUNU SA6, these two IEMs neither single DD config or all BA setups.  They also have been releasing hybrid driver IEMs for the past few years but all of them have DD+BA hybrid config, like popular DK-3001 Pro 4BA + 1DD IEMsDUNU as an IEM maker always brings us surprise and makes their project more attractive.


But the one we are gonna introduce is the first triple-hybrid configuration IEMs from their product catalog, the DUNU EST112. It actually features a quad-driver triple-hybrid setup consisting of a powerful 13.5mm dynamic driver, a premium balanced armature driver, and two high-performance Electrostatic drivers. The DUNU EST112 has got a price tag of 489.99$, it is available on pre-order now. As always, any purchase you make on our store comes with 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee, 30-Day No Reason Return, additionally, DUNU provides a 24-month warranty on EST112.




The electrostatic drivers technology is developing at a rapid speed with its implementation, especially in many flagship IEMs. EST112 features two highly detailed Sonion EST driversThe second-generation acoustic speaker customized in-ear Electrostatic unit with greatly improved sensitivity far exceeds the extremely high frequency response of the BA and DD drivers. They confer a gentle and resolving sound signature, it is smooth, elegant, and well-detailed. Acoustic engineers from DUNU have tuned these to deliver a gentle yet resolving sound signature that complements different genres well.


The third-generation double-sided beryllium-plated dynamic driver unit developed by DUNU with a diameter of 13.5mm. The upgraded generation comes with bigger response diaphragm, lighter weight and it is easier to drive with the magnetic flux density increased by 20%. The mid-range and bass frequencies is tangible and maintain their separation with ultra-low distortion performance. EST112 is equipped with a custom-tuned Knowles balanced armature driver to handle mid-high frequency response, it produces lovely vocals with natural tonality and texture.


 dunu est112 iems




Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz.


Impedance: 10Ω @ 1kHz.


Sensitivity: 110±1dB @ 1kHz.


THD+N: <0.3% @ 1kHz.


Dynamic Driver unit: 13.5mm dynamic driver unit with beryllium coated diaphragm


Balanced Armature unitCustom Knowles mid-high balanced armature driver.


EST unit: Dual high-performance Sonion EST drivers.


Net weight: 15g


Cable: Litz braided silver-plated copper cable with MMCX Pin ( DUW 02S)


Cable length: 1.2m 土 0.1 m


Connectors: Patented quick switching connectors Include 4.4mm balanced, 3.5mm stereo, 2.5mm balanced



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