SMSL VMV A1 Class A Amplifier Now Available

SMSL VMV A1 Class A Amplifier Now Available

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Mar 27, 2021

S.M.S.L just released their latest VMV A1 Class A Power Amplifier in AMP family lineup of VMV brand. As a high-end branch brand under S.M.S.L, VMV is aiming for providing top-notch sound performance through uncompromising design and tuning. Most of us might familiar with their flagship DAC VMV D1, which was launched in 2018. It received highly praised dac for it's powerful performance in balanced output. They are both available on our store to purchase, VMV A1 goes with US$ 659.99. 


vmv a1 amp


A1 adopts classical FET Class A amplifier circuit to provide better high frequency and feedback loop stability. It makes the transistor always work in the linear region, so the Class A power amplifier has almost no distortion,other than these advantages, Class A amplifier is easy to construct with a single-device component and minimum parts count. This means then that the Class A Amplifier configuration is the ideal operating mode, which can provide a very smooth sound quality, a round and warm tone, and a cold and ethereal treble. 


With the incredible number of features, the extensive functionality and the extraordinary technology, the A1 is perfectly to fit with most speakers on the market. Powerful driving force, proper magnification and precise volume control make A1 can match most of the desktop small bookshelf boxes and most of the earphones and earplugs on the market. It also can detect the temperature of chassis temperature and display it for better control sound quality.





Input: RCA


Output: Speaker terminal (banana head) Headphone holder


THD+N: 0.01 %(4Ω); 0.008%(8Ω); 0.002%(32Ω)


SNR: 110dB


Channel separation: 105dB


Output Power: 15Wx2(4Ω); 10Wx2(8Ω); 2Wx2(32Ω)


Power consumption: 30W


Standby power: <0.5W


Volume: 210X205X39mm(WxHxD)


Weight: 2kg


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