MOONDROP Blessing3 is dropped now

MOONDROP Blessing3 is dropped now

by C G on Apr 10, 2023

Upgrade and evolution of the benchmark hybrid earphone
2DD + 4BA hybrid triple-range frequency division In-Ear Monitors

MOONDROP, a well-known brand, always offers excellent sound and high-end build quality for a reasonable price. They provide numerous successful offerings, covering the entry-level and the high-end flagship. Now, they're about to update their midrange series and introduce a successor of Blessing2: Blessing3, coming in at US$319.99 price tag, with big upgrade while without any price-raising! Go on!

Blessing3 uses Two Dynamic Drivers + Four Balanced Armatures, and continues the physical frequency division framework of previous versions through the use of state-of-the-art 3D printing. It utilizes a new horizontally-opposed double-dynamic bass driver module that delivers higher dynamic range and lower dynamic nonlinear distortion than previous versions.


Improved implementation of hybrid frequency division has further optimized the continuity and smoothness of the mid-highs, ensuring ultra-high detail. Combined with a brand-new bass module, the result is a full-bodied and authentically natural sound quality.


The new scientifically-designed horizontally-opposed double dynamic driver module further demonstrates the advantages of the hybrid earphone in bass dynamics.


HODDDUS (Horizontally Opposed Dual Dynamic Drivers Unit System) uses dual 10mm dynamic drivers arranged closely and symmetrically using 3D-printed modular components. The components form a physical band-pass filter comprising two independent filtering structures and damping devices, thereby facilitating acoustic adjustment.


Thanks to the use of dual 10mm dynamic drivers, the maximum sound pressure of Blessing 3 is double that of the previous model, and the diaphragm stroke under the same sound pressure is less than half, giving the bass of Blessing 3 a larger dynamic range and lower nonlinear distortion, and significantly improving the sound quality of lower frequencies.


The symmetrical HODDDUS arrangement focuses the magnetic field at the magnetic gap of the two dynamic drivers, leveraging the same principle found in planar magnetic earphones. This not only improves energy conversion efficiency, but also further reduces nonlinear distortion.      


Each of the dual dynamic drivers consists of a flexible suspension diaphragm with a paper dome, and the high damping characteristics of the paper dome ensure that the dynamic driver does not generate additional resonance due to split vibration in the mids and highs, thus offering a smooth and natural timbre.


The classic hybrid triple-frequency division of the Blessing series is the culmination of MOONDROP’s unparalleled acoustic expertise, backed up by repeated testing in the company’s measurement laboratory, and ensuring high full-band phase consistency.

Blessing 3 builds on the solid foundation of hybrid triple-frequency technology by greatly improving bass performance through the innovative HODDDUS module. Leveraging the proven excellence of previous Blessing models and related products, Blessing 3 has been carefully tuned to ensure an even more precise amplitude-frequency VDSF Target Response, resulting in the even more pleasing and accurate sound quality of Blessing 3.


Similar to its brother, Blessing3, features a translucent housing plus the faceplate processed by hand-polishing precision CNC machining, thus delivering an eye-catching interplay of light and shadow.


We have no reason to refuse this benchmark hybrid earphone, more details please head over on Blessing3 page, as always, any suggestions, comments, and feedback are welcome, live chat with us or email for any support you want.

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