by C G on Jun 12, 2023

MOONDROP is well known for its high-quality yet affordable IEMs, and knowing their product offers a natural and clean signature. Of course, they also do well on the dongle market, and offering us their reasonable & high-performance portable DAC/AMP, including MOONRIVER2, DAWN and Click.

After the popular MOONRIVER 2, MOONDROP today announces a brand-new successor, MOONRIVER 2:TI, and sellers at US$189.99! Let's find out if it's a successful dongle!

MOONRIVER 2:TI adopts dual flagship decoding chips CS43198 from Cirrus Logic, an amplifying circuit composed of two independent dual-channel amplifier chips, a HiFi-level USB digital interface chip, and two independent crystal oscillators, and five independent power supply chips to feed each IC independently, forming a complete HiFi audio circuit architecture with strong thrust, ultra-low distortion and noise, and full sound signature.

Apart from the DAC chip, the MOONRIVER 2:TI also comes with impressive specs and highlights: 

32Bit/384kHz PCM decoding
Dual independent amplifier four-channel output
5pcs independent power chips
131dB dynamic range, ultra-low background noise
The distortion is as low as 0.0001%, and the SNR exceeds 116dB
4Vrms/250mW balanced output

In terms of its unique design, MOONRIVER 2: TI takes for its inspiration the rippling “flow” of the original design, delivering rich details and layering through exquisite craftsmanship, a careful combination of selected materials, and esthetically pleasing lines. It demonstrates MOONDROP’s commitment to excellence through meticulous product design and outstanding performance.

MOONRIVER 2:TI is compatible with most available computers, smartphones, and laptops, and supports decoding PCM from 16Bit/44.1kHz to 32Bit/384kHz, even for 1Bit with DSD512. Like MOONRIVER2, it also provides the 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm BAL headphone plug to meet users' requirements.

Almost lossless 100-level volume control, MOONRIVER 2:TI separates the device volume control from smartphone, presenting better performance and bringing a smooth control experience.

If you missed MOONRIVER2, give its successor a chance! It won't let you down! As usual, any questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome, feel free to contact us for the discount details or anything else, live chat with our cs team or email us directly at, as well easy to find us on social accounts.



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