Shanling ME80 IEMs Now Available

Shanling ME80 IEMs Now Available

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Jan 14, 2021

Shanling is a Chinese high-tech company combining R&D, production, processing and sales of products, including Hi-Res portable music players, portable amplifiers, Hi-Fi headphones, SACD/CD players, Hi-Fi amplifiers and other Hi-Fi products. They have established close relationship with many international top hi-end manufacturers and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.


In recent years, Shanling has become most well known for its portable digital audio players (DAPs) like Shanling M8, Shanling M6 PRO and the Shanling M5s. And their own line of earphones, such as ME700 and ME500, also bring us some surprise. They are continuously renewing their hi-res products line-up.




There is one latest single dynamic driver IEM –Shanling ME80. It is available in our store, priced at US$99.00, intended as the youngest in the "ME" lineup, and targets the lower budget. Considered as a successor to first IEMs ME100, ME80 is also based on similar proprietary “water droplet” design principle, which allows it's nozzles to utilize its full length and sit pretty deep.


ME80 shells are made of 6000 series aluminum alloy. Color reminds of a elegant titanium. Shells consist of two parts, perfectly aligned together. Shanling logos covered with transparent droplet-like glass inserts. 




ME80 Hi-Fi earphones adopt a 10mm dynamic driver with Nanocomposite diaphragm. The high-performance drivers with dual magnet construction and PU + PEEK composite diaphragm provide better energy efficiency and improved transient response. That way dynamic driver provides powerful and natural bass, accurate mids and sweet treble. 


With the frequency response reaching all the way up to the 40000hz, ME80 was awarded the Hi-Res certification by the Japan Audio Society. We recommend to use ME80 with Shanling's Hi-Res certified devices to experience the full potential of Hich Resolution audio files.




Shanling ME80 earphones come with premium silver-plated cable which can effictively reduces distortion and signal loss and provides clear and detailed sound. Universal MMCX connectors if ME80 that can withstand inserts four times better. Such MMCX connectors are gold-plated, if they are damaged they can be easily replaced.



Type: In-Ear
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Driver: 10mm dynamic driver
Sensitivity: 111+-3 dB
Cable: Silver-platted copper
Frequency response: 20 - 40 000 Hz
Cable length: 1 .3m
Weight: 5.7 g
Connector: 3. 5mm Jack


 ME80 IEMs

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