SMSL DA-6 Power Amplifier Reaches Now at US$99!

SMSL DA-6 Power Amplifier Reaches Now at US$99!

by C G on Jun 15, 2022

Quick question! Handy device or heavy device?


In this era with rapidly developing, the new products come forth in great number as well! It not only requires the excellent performance, but also asks the comfortable design and size. SMSL has been outputting such handy and high quality products, which combines the mini size and premium performance. And this time, they brought our a mini high resolution power amplifier, named DA-6!


It adopts the German Infineon's new technology class D power amplifier chip, providing a higher quality, efficiency up to 92%, further reducing power consumption.


The outer shell utilizes the whole aluminum alloy CNC processing, offering a more generous looking and better heat dissipation. In addtion, it's equipped with a brand-new full-featured remote control to realize the convenient operating!

Mentioning its input and output, they use the high quality gold-plated audio connectors, looks durable and aesthetic. It owns the RCA IN and 2pairs OUT, which is suitable enough for the bookshelf speaker! 

There are preset multiple EQ tunings, including Direct / Tone / strengthen bass / Super bass / Rock and Roll / Soft / Clear, with tone adjustment, the BASS and TREBLE is adjustable from -14dB to +14dB. Meanwhile, It has 3 options for analog stereo tunings. Respect your choice and enjoy yourself!


Worries about the noise when adjusting volume? No! DA-6 features the electronic volume control, without the potential noise of traditional resistor volume control noise.


As always, Black and Silver is optional, and the specifications as follow:

Output power: 70W x 2(4Ω)
Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
BASS or TREBLE GAIN: -14dB ~ +14dB
THD+N: 0.004%
Channel separation: 91dB(1kHz)
Input sensitivity: 400mVms
SNR: 103dB
Maximum input voltage
Low gain: 2Vrms
High Gain: 1.2Vrms
Power consumption: 36W
Dimensions: 140X28X110mm(WxHxD)
Weight: 0.35kg

It's available at our store now, welcome to check out! And we'd love to be here for your any questions, suggestions, and comments! 

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