SoftEars RS5 SBA IEMs

SoftEars RSV 5BA IEMs Now Available

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Jan 13, 2021

SoftEars is a China based Hifi brand newly established in 2017. It specializes in high-end flagship-level in-ear monitors. The first two products of brand, the RS10 with 10 BA on each side and the CERBERUS with 1DD+4BA+2EST, both have received a lot of praise in the market.


Last Year on 21st April, Softears released Turii, a single Dynamic Driver IEM. It is a very different looking pair of IEM’s, it has a twisted design to it that is the signature design for this pair. It is tuned with precise research and development to provide the users with unmatched detailed sound output and a humongous soundstage representation.


SodtEars Turii


Although RS10 is a reference level IEMs in sound quality, it is not easy to drive due to the complicated crossover circuit, so Softears devote themselves to developing a high-end composite BA unit earphone that is easier to drive. That is a Softears RSV IEMsa 5BA earphone with reference-level sound performance; not only that, the new unit configuration and newly designed crossover architecture make RS5 pretty easy to drive. Satisfactory dynamics can be obtained even when connected to a mobile phone.


Compared with the transparent panel of RS10, RS5 adopts the elegant satin texture broken carbon fiber and gold leaf. The combination of satin-grained carbon fiber and gold foil shows the collision of cutting-edge materials with precious metals of the old age, and it is also a fusion brought by time. RS5 is not only following the reference-level performance sound of the predecessor RS10, and also takes into account the atmosphere and dynamics required for modern music recording.


SoftEars RS5 IEMs


High-performance sound quality comes from the excellent technology and design. Softears RS5 not only organically combines physical frequency division and power frequency division, but also enables these BA units to exert surging dynamics. The design concept of RS5 is to adopt an effective architecture design to make the simple unit configuration as possible to perform better than usual, and greatly improve the efficiency of the BA unit in the headset.


RS5 uses precise and efficient power frequency division and advanced physical frequency division mixing to create amazing sound quality. Its bass adopts RC 3rd order low-pass filter, mids uses impedance-adjusted hybrid low-pass filter. The highs section adopts film capacitor for high-pass filter, and six frequency division devices distribute the signal to five units reasonably. With the help of high-precision 3D printing, it could precisely control the diameter and length of each sound channel with a tenth of a millimeter accuracy, and tune the sound to an ideal state with the cooperation of damping materials.




The embodiment of excellent frequency division and tuning can be shown in the frequency response of the earphone to the full. The tuning of RS5 is based on the low-frequency texture of HRTF and room reverberation obtained by measurement data of high-end speakers. RS5 follows the Target Response adjustment designed on this basis, and achieves a high degree of fit, perfectly showing a natural, atmospheric and dynamic tone.

Another important manifestation of excellent frequency division is its influence on phase. Only a highly consistent phase in the entire frequency band can prove that it has no phase distortion caused by the combination and frequency division of multiple units. The RS5 ensures ultra-high phase consistency across the frequency range, bringing perfect connection and accurate sound image.


SoftEars RS5 IEMs


RS5 not only achieves accurate sound image and excellent atmosphere, full dynamics and excellent energy conversion efficiency are also RS5's specialties, and its nonlinear distortion is also very excellent, so that the tone can be perfectly restored, with full density and dynamic. Priced at US$ 729.99, RS5 is avaliable on now, and we provide 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee, 30-Day No Reason Return, 7 Days DOA Product Guarantee. Get started on your worry-free holiday shopping with us!


Frequency response range: 5-40kHz
Effective range: 20-20kHz
Sensitivity: 125dB/Vrms @1kHz
impedance: 8 ohms
Shell material: Imported medical resin
Unit driver: 5pcs balanced armature drivers


SoftEars RS5 IEMs

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