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TinHiFi, found in 2017, has been committed to the OEM/ODM business at global HI-FI industry. This brand is striving to ensure that high quality music is no longer a luxury, but the norm with gorgeous workmanship and breathtaking sound quality. TinHiFi is already very popular among those who appreciate neutral monitor presentation, having already produced several dynamic models and T3 hybrids.


Following the success of their mega-popular P1 planar IEM, TinHiFi is back with another planar magnetic hit. The P2 is the latest flagship from TinHifi and weighs in at a relatively price of$369.00 USD. That's big jump up in price from their previous offerings. The P2 houses a much-anticipated IEM sequel with second-generation planar magnetic drivers, plus a new tuning, featureing a new shell design, packaging and sound profile. 


 TInhifi P2 IEms


The planar magnetic technology is fuses the moving coil with the diaphragm, therefore making the driver move air more evenly and improving sound quality. Planar magnetic earphones combine the advantages of both dynamic drivers and balanced armatures. As a combination of both, it makes up for the lack of low frequencies in balanced armatures, while making high frequencies better than on dynamic drivers.

While Tin HiFi’s all-new 12-millimeter planar-diaphragm drivers are the stars of the show, the P2’s additional design upgrades, better cable and accessories put it above its high-performing predecessor. The P2 comes in an all-new packaging, it is a foldable clamshell and a pull-out design which reminds me a lot of cosmetic gift boxes and jewelry boxes. The P2 packaging doubles as a storage box, with a pull-out shelf containing the accessories on the bottom, and a flip-top opening that contains the real-leather blue button case and the P2 planar iems.


 P2 accessories


P2 houses a second-generation Planar Magnetic driver,and a single driver avoids coherence, crossover, phase and other issues. This driver unit has an impedance of 32Ω and a sensitivity of only 90dB, Tin P2 does require a bit more power than majority IEMs in the market. With KANN player which comes with a 2.5 balance port, when the high gain volume of palyer is around 25, there is almost no sound from the P2. When I even hit the volume to 90, it begins to sound more comfortably. And before that, it requires at least 40 hours of burn-in time to reach their optimal performing state.


The sound quality is excellent without complaint,  warm, precise and complete sound, with a linear and well defined midrange. The treble is bright and clear, and softer when compared to other Tin Hifi products, the texture of the treble can be said to be one of the best in this price range. Midrange follows the linear approach of the low range, without receding and remaining completely. The Bass range is quick and accurate,it brings much needed warmth to the otherwise precise and fast planar presentation. The soundstage is above average in terms of height and is quite wide, but I would have liked to feel a little more depth, which is average. The imaging is very good and can be said for instrumental separation.  




Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews channel overviewed P2 , originally posted on OCT,21 2020.


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