TOPPING E50 MQA DAC and L50 HP AMP Now Availiable

TOPPING E50 MQA DAC and L50 HP AMP Now Availiable

by Wang Shuzeng on Aug 31, 2021

TOPPING has developed DAC and headphone amplifier lineup that encompasses every budget range. The E30 DAC and L30 amp are rock stars at their respective price points, having commanded the attention of taste-makers and earned the name of benchmark. Now TOPPING announced the upgraded version of E30 and L30 respectively, meet the E50 MQA DAC and L50 headphone amp. E30/L30 and E50/L50 combos will be in a coexistence relationship, another tempting option for music lovers.



E50 uses ESS’s latest ES9068AS chip, with better performance than E30, and supports MQA for all interfaces, USB supports MQA full decoding , Optical and Coaxial support MQA rendering. L50 has the same extreme performance as L30, but is driving high-impedance headphones It can exert more power when it is time. The E50 DAC and L50 AMP share the same spatial dimensions, making them easily stackable, and they’re modest enough to fit under a monitor, in a desk compartment, or on a space-restricted shelf. Get them in black, silver, blue or vibrant red.


E50 DAC & L50 AMP


With ES9068AS chip and careful design, E50 provides a distortion as low as 0.00009% and a dynamic range of 126dB, providing you with perfect sound quality. This also makes E50 suitable for applications: high- fidelity PC-HIFI system, mobile phone/tablet OTG, CD player/turntable external DAC, digital broadcasting external DAC, TV DAC and so on. Coaxial and Optical(Toslink) also has good performance, they not only supports 24bit192kHz PCM, but also supports Dop DSD64 and MQA rendering. 



USB input of E50 has a wide range of compatibilty: Windows 10, MAC, Linux, lOS, Android can be plug and play. It uses XMOS 20 16-core processor XU216, which brings the support of 32bit768kHz PCM, DSD512 native high-resolution audio and MQA full decoding. Using CPLD to process the clock and greatly optimize thedigital signal, achieved incredible jtter suppression capabilities. The use of new technology makes the femtosecond crystal and external clock no longer needed to suppress jtter.




E50 has full balanced TRS output and single ended RCA output. You can choose "TRS only",“RCA only" or "TRS+RCA”output to meet different usages in the multiple systems. E50 has preamplifier function so you can control the output volume on the remote control. This will provide great convenience when connected to a power amplifier or monitor speakers. And also help you leave the budget for a preamplifier.


Comparison chart between E50 and E30 : 



TOPPING L50 is a headphone amplifier that uses the same NFCA circuit based on the same working principle as the one in A30 Pro, allowing higher gain and slew rates but with lower distortion. It provides 2x the power at 300 Ohm compared to L30. The new circuit shares the same 0.3uV ultra low noise and 145dB dynamic range as well as 0.00006% THD+N.



L50 could meet the requirements of multiple ideal amps at the same time, it leads you break the inertial thinking in the choice of amps, there is no need to choose amps based on the impedance of headphones. All you need to do is choose L50, and then choose your favorite headphones, L50 can easily drive them well. It has three gain options. Covering a wide gain range is sufficient to meet the needs of low. sensitivity full-sized over-ears to high-sensitity lEMs. With the help of extremely low noise 0.3uV, even lEMs will not hear any background noise.




L50 has two sets of input, balanced TRS and single-end RCA, and could be controled by the lever on front panel. There are 6.35mm and 4pin XLR output channels. Also, when shutting down, the input signal could be directly output to RCA or TRS without amplification, which will be more suitable for working with active speakers or monitor speakers when the DAC has pre- amp function.


Comparison chart between Topping headphone amplifiers:



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