TOPPING EX5 DAC/Amp All-in-one Reviews

TOPPING EX5 DAC/Amp All-in-one Reviews

by Wang Shuzeng on Jul 30, 2021

Equipped with dual ES9038Q2M decoding chips and NFCA headphone amp, TOPPING EX5 has higher performance in compact package than standalone decoders or amplifiers. It is a certified Hi-Res Audio decoder with full MQA, native DSD512, 32-Bit/768kHz PCM decoding support. The EX5 also feature wireless Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC connectivity. It comes bundled with a full-function remote control that can be used to fully access all the functions of the device. It brings all the necessary in one pack, with all features and high performances and comes with affordable price at USD$ 349.99. For your reference, we’ve compiled some reviews from across the web, what you’ll find here are some quotes of the full reviews, and you can access the full reviews with the provided links.





1) Topping EX5 - An Agreeable Collaboration review from No Theme Reviews on Jul 20, 2021:


The EX5 is the type of product average audiophiles have been asking for, for years Topping have produced standalone dacs and amps with few meaningful features but high prices and their dac amp combos have been fairly mediocre
particularly in light of their cost. But the EX5 is a step in the right direction, for 350 you get a sturdy build neutral and powerful performance MQA Bluetooth and plenty of outputs for most people.


After all once you've plugged your headphones into the device the idea is that you lose yourself with the music. I applaud for Shenzhenaudio and Topping collaborating for the EX5, they've brought together a device that performs well and offers enough features to stand out among the crowd in this price category. The EX5 will not blow your socks off, its sound signature is nothing new if you want neutral silent performance then the Ex5 is as good as many other alternatives. 




2) Topping x Shenzhen Audio EX5 DAC/Headphone Amplifier Review from Tharbamar youtube channel on Jul 23, 2021:

For the 350 dollars this will consider as a budget component because it has a decent headphone apm with good digital analog converter features that you can use for many high resolution and MQA and all the formats and even it can do a DSD and High-res over bluetooth as well. So those are the good features that Topping is offering, but when it comes to sound quality this one not really suited for my taste but if you are after that kind of relaxing a little bit thicker side of us overall frequency response this must be great choice for you.




3) iiWi Reviews posted a viedo review of Topping EX5 on Jul 28, 2020: 

I started listening to EX5 with several of my headphones in-ears planners dynamic headphones and i noticed this unit has a lot of power. It's definitely not a deck with just a small weak headphone amp attached to it, it actually has a proper headphone amp and basically it was perfectly able to drive anything I threw at it.


I just connected it to my regular Hi-Fi setup, my impression was definitely different than when i listened just headphone output. Tonality feels much more balanced to my ears. I do not detect that same level of base emphasis and that same level of mid-range being laid back and tamer and slightly darker when it comes to the line output it actually feels really balanced everything feels neutral and natural baseline is weighty is present as us as it should be. Mid-range is again quite present vocals are rich with details no matter how long i listen to it.





4) The cheapaudioman Channel posted a video about Topping x Shenzhenaudio EX5 DAC/Amp review on Aug 9, 2021: 


I think this is a great product, I think it's somewhat of a no-brainer if you were looking for a more affordable dac. And you also want a headphone amp for a desktop solution if you're just in the headphones this is great personally for me I like this for two channel listening with a variable output. You can use the EX5 as a digital preamp into a standalone amplifier, whatever it is, this is your volume control if you're only using digital inputs.


With this product it sounds great, it's not skewed in one direction or the other. Detail is great soundstage is great, bass is tight and uncolored. Just gives you what it is crazy signal to noise ratio, crazy dynamic range. It's a great product at 350 dollars. If you want MQA even if you don't want MQA, I'd still recommend this.




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