XDUOO Link2 Bal Portable Amplifier Now Available

XDUOO Link2 Bal Portable Amplifier Now Available

by Lauren Young on Jan 19, 2022

XDUOO released their new generation of portable dac/amp - The xDuoo Link 2 Bal, it is built as true balanced architecture that could provide powerful loads while maintaining high performance crosstalk and SNR specifications. It is equipped with two CS43131 DAC chips, independent amp circuits, built-in low-pass filtering and other designs to ensure its excellent sound quality and overall performance.



The measured signal-to-noise ratio of the device reaches 127dB to ensure a clean and clear sound, rejecting noise and interference, and the decoding chip, amp, and digital receiving chip are all powered separately for dark noise floor of the output. It also supports PCM 32bit / 384kHz decoding, as well as DSD256 hardware decoding, which can support the Hi-Res audio decoding requirements of Apple or Android phones. 




This Link2 Bal portable decoding amp has a built-in powerful drive circuit, single-ended for 125mW@32Ω, and despite its small and tiny size, the balanced end could reach to an amazing level of 270mW@32Ω, enough to drive most earphones on the market. The TI LM27762 chip provides ultra-low noise electricity, and the current output of up to 250mA is used to power the amp circuit, thus providing high precision and large output current drive capability to ensure dynamic output and restore the sense of hearing.



Which could surprise us more is the Link2 Bal lies in its compatibility with usage scenarios. The Turbo mode adjusts to adapt to different impedance headsets. The UAC mode switch is compatible with Nintendo Switch and other devices, allowing players to also HiFi in the game. 4.4mm balanced output and 3.5mm single-end output options allow you could fit it with various earphones in the market.


Link2 Bal



  • 270mW@32Ω balanced output
  • 4.4mm balanced + 3.5mm single-ended dual interface
  • Independent amp circuit
  • CS43141*2 True Balanced circuit
  • Support DSD256, PCM 32Bit/384kHz decoding
  • 127dB high signal-to-noise ratio
  • 1.5uVrms low noise floor
  • Multi-frontend, APP adaptation



Go along and check more details on the product page of xDuoo Link2 Bal here, it comes with price tag at USD 149.00, there aren't many products that could exhibit comprehensive performance in portable dac/amp category like this device. As always, all the purchasing from us comes with a 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee, 30-Day No Reason Return, 7 Days DOA Product Guarantee, and Global Free Shipping. You could contact us via live chat online or email us at support@shenzhenaudio.com.



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