Gustard C18 Audio Clock Preview

Gustard C18 Audio Clock Preview

by Lauren Young on Apr 20, 2021

With the progress and development of digital audio, the pursuit of high-quality recording and playback requires a higher performance clock as a system reference.Gustard is going to unveil the latest version of audio clock, the Gustard C18. It is going for US$1599.99, will be available this week. The C16 audio clock has been affirmed by many customers who hope to introduce higher performance audio clocks. Compared with C16, it is a big jump from price but also functions and performance.



It is important to have a stable clock when converting from digital back to analogue as well, since, although the size of the sample is provided by the digital data, if the regenerated samples are output at the wrong moments, the resulting analogue waveform will differ from the original. To further improve the quality of audio recording and playback. This high-performance audio clock C18 is equipped with an ultra-low noise oscillation core, advanced signal generation, transmission, distribution and driving. Whether it is a recording engineer, mixer, audio engineer, or audiophile, it can experience the tremendous improvement it brings.


 Gustard C18 audio clock



This high-performance Gustard C18 external clock is ideal for ensuring perfect synchronization of digital audio signals to improve the sound quality of a HiFi system. The C18 is equipped with an ultra-low noise oscillator an ultra-low-noise constant-temperature crystal oscillator optimized for audio as the oscillation core, and the overall performance is significantly improved compared to C16. It allows you to achieve a greater level of detail, a more realistic sound signature and a higher dynamic range.



The oscillator used here is a latest custom model SC cut 10MHz OCXO, which is a mature product line of the crystal industry, has stable quality and ultra-low-noise. It is specially designed for audio to promote a constant temperature and thus minimize changes in output frequency caused by temperature variation. 


 Gustard audio clock



The C18 features a discrete Class A power supply circuit that is highly efficient, providing low ripple and fast response. The output circuit of the C18 maintains and does not deteriorate the low phase noise signal provided by the main oscillator. The GDRV-P1 can also provide both a sine and a square wave signal to accommodate different devices.



It can make digital interface U16, music player S16, X16 MQA DAC and other devices get lower distortion clock signal. High-end clocks have always been an indispensable link in the HIFI field, which greatly improves the guarantee of sound quality, and is also compatible with other devices that can access 10M clocks.



Product Specifications:

Output frequency:  10MHz

Frequency accuracy:  < ±300ppb

Frequency stability:  < ±50ppb

Output amplitude:  27dBm @ 50Rz

Output waveform:  Sine wave, Square wave

Output impedance:   50Ω

Near-end phase noise @ 1Hz (TYP):  -100dBc

Short stability (Allen variance) (TYP):  8E-13

Voltage supply:  115-230V AC 50/60Hz

Consumption:  < 15W

Dimensions:  220 x 170 x 50mm (without protruding parts)

Weight :  2.5kg



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