MOONDROP Aria reviews Compendium

MOONDROP Aria reviews Compendium

by Lauren Young on Apr 25, 2021

If you are looking for a budget pair under $100, look no further than MOONDROP Aria. MOONDROP is a well-known brand among the audiophiles as a highly acclaimed IEMs manufacturers based in China. And its lineup doesn’t really need any introduction, most of audiophiles might familiar with the Moondrop Starfield, Blessing 2, S8 and more. Moondrop has re-released the Aria last month, single DD IEMs with a punchy performance. We’ve compiled some reviews and measurements from the reviewers for your reference. Scroll down and check what they have to say about the beautiful pair. 




Reviews Round Up


1) From Super Review's review on the Moondrop Aria, posted on Apr 13, 2021 


I typically do just kind of describing the overall character of the sound and if you've heard the moon drop Starfield or the KXXS, I think this is going to sound very familiar. It's basically the exact same tuning.


You've got kind of a mild v-shaped sound signature, it's a little bit thicker on the low end. So I think in terms of a v-shaped signature and I call it a mild v-shape. There's some treble emphasis and there's some bass emphasis but the emphasis is definitely stronger in the bass, it gives it kind of like a warm just relaxingish character to it.





2) From Crinacle's unboxing of Moondrop Aria, first published on March 29, 2021.


Obvious comparison to the Starfield here: yes, they are… very similar. It’s honestly hard to tell between the two and if I do it’s clearly not by tuning, but rather the subtle differences in how each presents their respective images.


Another solid budget DD from Moondrop. The Aria and the rest of the DDs are definitely suffering from Same Face Syndrome at this point, but I can’t really fault it especially when it all comes with a price cut. If anything else, Moondrop’s embodying the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”




3) On Apr.3 2021, Zpolt channel posted an video of Moondrop Aria Review 





4) On Feb.13 2021, Alec from Bedrock reviews website posted an article review on Moondrop Aria.


The Moondrop Aria has elevated, well-extended sub-bass that recedes as the frequency response transitions into the mid-bass to avoid creating congestion in the lower midrange. The Aria offers healthy amounts of rumble and slam for the average listener, though both bassheads and neutrality purists may be disappointed by what has become the consensus bass tuning for IEMs. The bass is both impactful and precise, with excellent speed and articulation. The bass has good texture despite the level of restraint shown in its presentation.


The Moondrop Aria’s treble is crisp and energetic, with ample air and sparkle. Transient delivery is fast but not unnaturally so. Instrument separation is excellent. The Aria’s soundstage is a bit wider than the Starfield’s, but the Starfield has better imaging.


 Aria single DD IEMs



5) From's reviews of Moondrop Aria, orignally posted on  April 15, 2021.


 Adding all this up not only translates to a very articulate, accurate presentation, it also contributes to a rather wide and tall soundstage, with a good depth, great spatial cues, as well as a really good definition, separation, and, most of all, to an outstanding note definition and cohesion across the frequency spectrum. Very good technicalities. All this makes for a great listen independent of the Moondrop Aria’s modest price.


What makes Moondrop distinct from many of their competitors is that they invest in real R&D, that they continuously evolve their technologies, and that they always have some good ideas. And this progressive development shows.The Moondrop Aria is a winner. It may look inconspicuous and generic on a first glance, but wait until you put them into your ears and switch the music on.


 Aria reviews

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