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Matrix Mini-i pro 3 Music Streaming DAC Overview

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Oct 13, 2020

Matrix Audio,established in 2009, has become a professional company composed by a group of music loving electronic engineers, which designs, manufactures and sells high performance audio devices.


Mini-i 3 is the 4th generation product under the Matrix Audio Mini-i series features network player capabilities as well as a balanced, powerful audio circuit while maintaining the superb compact design of its predecessors. The Pro version of the Mini-i 3. It stands out from the standard version with its ability to decode / render MQA files, WiFi connectivity and Crystek CCHD-950 clocks.


Mini-i pro3 MQA DAC/AMP



Superb Graphical UI Design

Unlike previous versions of its series, the Mini-i 3 has a 3.3 inch 24-bit color LCD screen on the front. The display offers a superb color interface which provides a very intuitive solution to control all the functions of the DAC.


You can view the input channels, streaming methods, device configurations, and additional information on the display clearly and intuitively. Even filter curves and the IIS interface definitions are displayed graphically.


Matrix MINI-I UI


Inputs & Outputs

The perfect function is the biggest upgrade of mini-i Pro 3.There are USB input, IIS LVDS input, coaxial input, optical input, wired network input, wireless network input, Bluetooth input, analog input, a total of eight input methods. Especially when used wirelessly, an ipad or PC can allow users to remotely control as they want (as long as you are in the same local area network, not limited to whether they are in the same room)


And XLR output, RCA output two line output methods,4.4mm balanced and 6.35mm single-ended headphone output. AirPlay2 and Roon Ready two wireless network platforms.


Matrix mini-i inputs outputs


The Best Components

The improvement of the power supply is the top priority of the new mini-i series products. The power of the transformer has more than doubled compared with the previous products. At the same time, the engineers have also optimized the power supply efficiency and power management of the power supply to make the new mini-i series products The "internal strength" has been comprehensively improved.


The current streaming media trend is constantly developing towards the mainstream. The new mini-i series products still maintain an attitude of keeping pace with the times. The “MCU” used as the main control chip of DAC products can no longer carry the processing requirements of streaming media playback. The low-power "ARM" processor is the best choice. Engineers installed the "ARM" processor from Freescale with a frequency of up to 900MHz into the new mini-i series. At the same time, through the OTA system update, it never ceases to amaze you.


Matrix mini-i pro 3 insight


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