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About Moondrop

MOONDROP was once a small studio by several enthusiasts, established in 2015. “Liebesleid”, launched in 2017, helped MOONDROP to earn their fame among fans and professionals. In the mean time,Moondrop became a company known for develop, manufacture, distribute high performance earbuds.


MOONDROP released some in ear monitors including the earliest “IX” with unique design and interesting sound, “kanas” series which are considered benchmark for the price range and of course, the “Blessing 2”, “Starfield” and “Reference” who justified them as premium IEM manufacturer.


Moondrop Brand



Illumination Introduction

Now MOONDROP is about to release new flagship IEM comes finally after nearly three-year design and development. ILLUMINATION will be released at 10:am on OCT 15th (UTC+8),priced at $799.99.


ILLUMINATION adopts a patented dynamic driver unit with a diameter of 11 mm. Its structure and architecture have been started developing and designing since 2017. During this period, it has undergone countless modifications and adjustments, and finally achieved excellent performance and acoustic characteristics. It brings excellent nonlinearity distortion performance and powerful frequency bandwidth.





Illumination's cavity is precision engraved with TC4 titanium alloy five-axis linkage CNC. The surface gold coating is TiN ceramic material produced by PVD, which has the characteristics of ultra-high hardness and super wear resistance, which greatly reduces the surface damage caused by wear.


Moondrop Illumination cravity



Specs for Illumination

Frequency response : 20Hz-20000Hz (EC60318-4)
10- 50000Hz (1/4Inch Free field Mic)
Impedance: 25Ω @1kHz
Sensitivity: 124dB/Nrms@1kHz
Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.3%
Cavity material: five-axis cutting TC4 titanium alloy plated TiN ceramic.
Diaphragm material: LCP liquid crystal polymer dome + flexible high damping PEEK suspension.
Voice coil: 0.035mm diameter extra thin large black CCAW
Acoustic filter: patented coupled acoustic cavity structure
Detachable cable Interface: 0.78-2pin


moondrop flagship earphones



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