Moondrop NEKOCAKE TWS Special Edition Launched

Moondrop NEKOCAKE TWS Special Edition Launched

by Lauren Young on Apr 11, 2022

We are pleased to introduce the special edition of Moondrop NEKOCAKE TWS to you guys. It is a joint product between Moondrop and the " ASH ARMS " team, comes with the same configuration as the OG, and is available at the price of USD $49.99. With the "NEKOCAKE" as the prototype, which is suitable for the shallow-in-ear wearing of most ear canals and can be comfortably worn even in the small ear canal, we launch the first customized joint TWS.



It is a kind of TWS with sound quality as its core, active noise cancellation, and a series of special functions. NEKOCAKE has been specially designed for tone quality compared with other TWS, greatly improving driver performance, repeatedly optimizing DSP tuning, and presetting several tuning options. The excellent cost performance of NEKOCAKE is credited to the domestic SOC chip and sophisticated technology from Moondrop, which provides both reliability and price advantage.




This special edition is themed from the original popular role 88mm Flak36, the EMBERS provided color matching, elements, and packaging design, and uniting the virtual anchor MITSUKIYUKI, a customized exclusive voice prompt was launched. The role is boasted high penetration value and firepower, she excels at taking down heavily armored land unit while her air burst shell is great at taking down any kind of air unit. Also voice prompts are recorded the exclusive voice for the 88mm Flak36 of " ASH ARMS ", reliving the real gaming scene and feeling the warm music atmosphere.



The chip of "NEKOCAKE" has been fully upgraded, which reduces the noise generated during playing. Optimizing the delay, lowering the disconnection rate, providing the stable and smooth connection. ANC digital active noise cancelling, brings you a more pleasant listening experience. Supporting the SOUND+ Beamforming ENC, which greatly helps to stabilize the call signal, accurately cancel noise and bring you a clear call experience.



The NEKOCAKE frequency response is in line with MOONDROP VDSF target response and is the result of meticulous tuning and debugging, bringing you an authentic timbre and an open natural listening experience. Thanks to the specialized 13mm dynamic driver and digital audio optimization, NEKOCAKE also achieves excellent nonlinear distortion, and its full-frequency total harmonic distortion is lower than 0.5%, with 1khz even lower than 0.1%.



Bluetooth version: 5.2
Protocol supported: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP/SBC/AAC
Charging port: Type-C
Impedance: 32±15%Ω@1kHz
Working distance: 10m (barrier-free open environment)
Support system: All Bluetooth devices and smartphones
Battery capacity: 3.7V/ 37mAh
Battery capacity of charging case: 3.7V/ 380mAh
Battery life: About 4 hours
Battery life with charging case: About 12 hours
Please charging with 5V-1A devices.



This special edition pair of NEKOCAKE also has both playability of the tuning options from the Moondrop Link, and practicality of noise canceling function. It is available for presale in our store now, and your orders will be dispatched in succession. Go along and check more details about NEKOCAKE Special Edition on the product page, and we are open to any question or advice, find us via live chat.



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