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NF Audio NM2+ Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver IEM Review

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Oct 17, 2020

About NF Audio

NF Audio, founded in 2014, is a China based brand that specializes in manufacturing in-ear monitors. NF Audio is a headphone brand that was founded in 2014 and mainly features customized headphones. Adhering to the brand concept of "In-Ear Artist", it has won the appreciation of many bands and independent musicians. 


NF Audio produces brilliant quality products which have a rich and sturdy build quality, and a life-like natural sound tuning. Not only that, but NF Audio's superb acoustic technology, excellent artistic understanding, and meticulous craftsman spirit have created its unique brand charm.


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The upgraded version of NF Audio NM2 , the new NF NM2+ IEM  priced at $ 169.00, it features premium ears hells made with 5-axis CNC technology using aeronautical grade aluminum shells.Aircraft Aluminum 5-axis CNC machining has better precision, higher strength and more stable quality control than standard die casting operating.With single side only weighs 6.1g and sturdy with an ergonomic design. It provides a firm and comfortable fit for the users sealing the entire ear canal.


Most important are the dual-cavity dynamic drivers, double cavities provide better air-pressure management to facilitate swift and smooth diaphragm movement, leading to stronger low frequencies, cleaner audio across all frequencies, and a wider soundstage compared to traditional one-cavity drivers. With a low impedance rating of 18 ohms and a high sensitivity rating of 108 decibels, which makes it works wonderfully well with even smartphones.





In addition, NF Audio also considers the influence of the inductive reactance, capacitive reactance and impedance of the earphone cable on the sound. The NM2+ original cable is equipped with a standard core count of up to 280, using 5N oxygen-free copper plating with Litz structure Silver wire. With this cable, NM2+ can present more sound details and a wider sound field.


Package List:

1 * NF Audio NM2+ monitoring IEMs.
1 * high-quality 0.78mm 2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination plug.
1 * Storage box.
1 * user guide.
Three pairs of balanced silicone ear tips(S, M, L).
Three pairs of bass silicone ear tips(S, M, L).

One 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter.



NF Audio NM2+ dynamic driver



The first impression of NM2+ is that the sound density is very good and the sound imaging and positioning are very accurate, especially the imaging and positioning of musical instruments; You can accurately distinguish the sounds of mid and high frequency instruments.


The sound of NM2+ is a modern, high-quality, high-reduction trend, it feels more energetic, cleaner, and more neutral. Both are detailed but the slightly more dynamic nature of the NM2+ will make you feel you are hearing more micro detail. It is basically based on the original sound of the restored recording with less dyening. NM2+ gives us the feeling of being straightforward. 





 1) Trev from Headphones HiFi Reviews overviewed of the NM2+ single dynamic IEM, originally published on Nov.2, 2020:



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