MOONDROP Blessing 2 1DD+4BAs IEM Reviews

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Oct 22, 2020

About Blessing 2

MOONDROP Blessing 2  is a hybrid IEM that is equipped with 4 BAs and 1 DD per side. The DD handles the low end, while 2 more balanced armature carry the mid-range,and dual-Knowles SWFK handle the upper frequencies. All the drives are clearly visible from the shells. 


With a mature high-precision DLP-3D printing process provided by  "Heygears Technology" , we can clearly see precise placements of driver units through the high hardness, high transparency cavity of Blessing 2.


Moondrop Blessing 2 IEM

Blessing2's cover is made of medical grade stainless steel, which is sliced by precision CNC, engraved with brushing process. One side of Blessing 2 is laser engraved with the "Blessing2" logo, while the other retains the unpainted stainless steel that provides a chance for customer to DIY on it.


Share the photoes you like and check with our CS team, you will get your customized laser engraved version of your own. Not only stainless steel face panel,original wooden face panels are also available now.


  Engraving faceplate for Moondrop blessing 2



Reviews Round-up

1) Andrew from The HEADPHONE SHOW overviewed of the MOONDROP Blessing 2 IEM, originally published on Oct.20, 2020:


Anyway, for build quality design and comfort these are on slightly on the large side but you can actually see through it. These are completely transparent for the shell apart from the faceplate here, but I got to say I really like the way that this looks. Nails the design aesthic I always look for which is understated but sleek at the same time, It feels fairly solid. This is reasonably comfortable for me in fact I have absolutely no issues wearing this IEM.  (Scored 8 out of 10 on Build,design & comfort)


There is a really good sense of layering and depth and separation and being able to isolate individual instrument lines I have talked about in the past. The seperation qualities and the placement is all fantasitic on this IEM. (Scored 9 out of 10 on Imaging)





2) The Precogvision  posted the review video of MOONDROP Blessing 2 on July 2,2020. 







3) Super* Review  had a live broadcast on MOONDROP Blessing 2 unboxing and review couple months ago, published it in May,2020.


So yeah, this is the Blessing 2,and just build wise I am actually really pretty with it ,you know the overall build and style of this is kind of like a semi custom molded acrylic shape. It is, again, super secure that secure fit also has benefits for things like isolation, it isolates very well.


So overall I would kind of describe the sound siganture on here is actually fairly neutral with a slight bit of treble emphasis,the aspect of the sound signature that really comes across and feels strongest to me is in the mid-range detail. The mid-range on this IEM is just fantastic.It is not a bassy IEM, but actually I think the bass is really quite well-done.





4) An earphone review on MOONDROP Blessing 2 was posted on published by Animagus:


Blessing2 has clear shells, brushed metal faceplates and Blessing2 printed on the right faceplate. The shells and some internals like sound tubes are 3D printed in partnership with Heygears, which is a company specialising in OEM 3D printing. As a result, there are no imperfections and the build quality looks pretty good. Even though looks are subjective, I do like the all resin design of A8 and S8 more. If you’re in the same boat, Moondrop recently released wooden faceplate versions of Blessing2 and they do look nice. Check ‘em out!


I really like how Moondrop tunes their IEMs with strong audio engineering theoretical knowledge. They know what they are doing and the critical acclaim and popularity of their products are a statement of that. Actually, with Blessing2 performing so well for its asking price, it has me questioning the pricing of other much more expensive IEMs that don’t perform as nicely. 


 Check out for the full review here.

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