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TOPPING HiFi Audio Products Reviews

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Nov 03, 2020

TOPPING, established in 2008, is a particularly well-known brand based in China. They have been producing world-class desktop-level DAC and AMP. TOPPING always remains true to original aspiration, adheres to pursuit and explore on the road of Hi-Fi.


They are experienced in developing audio products such as power amplifier, headphone amplifier, DACs, lossless media player and etc. The brand is not only focused on flagship gears, they manufacture high-quality gears from different price segments focused for the beloved audio community. 







1) D90/D90 MQA + A90 Stack


The TOPPING D90 is the flagship DAC from Topping and it uses an AKM chip, to be precise it uses the AK4499EQ that is the most expensive and last DAC chip released by AKM. It sells for US $699.99 in the standard version, and US $799.99 in the MQA version. D90 has very nice and detailed texture, it provides high resolution and creates a well rendered picture. It is definitely a genre master that plays exceptionally well everything from relaxing and soothing tunes to fast executed and wild slamming bass riffs. It has a perfect blend of musicality and technicality without skewing the frequency response at all.


Since D90 had been launched,TOPPING started working on the matching amp --- TOPPING A90, priced at US $499.99, is a balanced headphone amplifier, having both RCA and XLR inputs (selectable by a frontal switch). On the front panel, it has the possibility to output either 6.35mm SE jack, 4.4mm balanced TRRS jack, and 4-pole balanced XLR, covering virtually all the output connectors’ styles available in the market. With specs and measurements like A90, it is shooting not for the best mid-range amplifier on the market, but for the best headphone amplifier period.


topping d90+a90


D90/D90 MQA + A90 is an absolute ‘end-game’ combo that should please headphone and speaker enthusiasts alike, this perfect stack will suffice for 99% of headphones on the market, even the most hard to drive, and sounds superb doing so. 


Zeo's from Z-Reviews posted the review video on May 24,2020




2) P50+D50s+A50s Ensemble


TOPPING never forget their core fanbase and updated their 50 line and even added new affordable products, D50 was upgraded to D50s that made some nice quality of life changes for old-school loudspeaker enthusiasts, they also upgraded a much-needed A50s headphone amplifier and that must-have P50 external linear and regulated power supply that works with both of them. All three devices from the 50 line are really affordable but are looking like really expensive beauties.


Linear power significantly affects the sound quality, such experiments were carried out by many enthusiasts and it has always shown positive effects to varying degrees. TOPPING P50 Linear Power Supply is sealed toroidal transformer. It has small magnetic leakage and low noise, which is very suitable for HIFI use. And the transformer is designed to suppress EMC and noise. P50 is coming with a power cable, with 2 short DC cables what will work with both A50s and D50s, there is a longer DC cable for the A50s and that is basically it.




Compared with previous version-- D50, TOPPING D50s is added  Bluetooth receiver, Topping implement best Bluetooth chip currently available on the market, CSR8675 from Qualcomm – this one is capable of receiving AAC, SBC, aptX, aptX-LL, aptX-HD and LDAC for up to 990 Kb/sec wireless transmissions. D50s in general favors very energetic and upfront type of sound. If you’re looking for a warm, soft and laid back, better look elsewhere. But if you like your sound alive and kicking, grabbing your attention, it’s what it does best. 


TOPPING officially announced the launch of the A50s in Sept, priced at US $199.99, as an update of the previous A50, the high current output makes the A50s suitable for driving low impedance, while the high voltage output benefits high impedance headphones. A virtually nonexistent ultra-low noise floor of 0.3uV makes it a superb choice for sensitive IEMs.


topping 50 line



3) E30+L30 Combo


Topping released their newest E series of products from which E30 seems to be the first one: a small, cute and really affordable DAC and preamp. They put more focus on the compact and price-effective on E series. E30 offers fine build, remote control, and a preamp function.  More than that, it sounds astonishingly good for the price. Backed up with a low noise power supply and clean digital source, it doesn’t feel out of place even in a pricier system.


TOPPING L30, sharing the casing with the E30, is designed to creat a small-desktop stack.L30 uses absolutely the same NFCA topology of its bigger brother A90, which allows it to drive low impedance headphones with ease.It can be used as an amplifier or a pre-amplifier, has 3-step gain settings, and is certified Hi-Res Audio. Topping have opted for a linear power supply on the L30 as opposed to switch-mode that is more commonly seen around this price. 





iiWi Reviews posted a review viedo of Topping L30 & E30 Stack, originally posted on oct 24,2020


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