MOONDROP SSR IEM Earphone Reviews

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Oct 13, 2020

MOONDROP,their products have been widely regarded as benchmarks in their respectively price brackets, for instance the $100 price bracket in the Starfield, the $300 bracket in the Blessing 2, and the sub-$1,000 bracket in the S8.


Now,The MOONDROP SSR ,as an upgrade version to the previous Spaceship,was launched in July,priced at $39.99. And it came with 4 different color options,White, Pink, Green, and Silver.


ssr earphone silver




The SSR features well-constructed, liquid metal alloy housings. Forged from two pieces and held together with a single hex screw, it looks and feels very study though the seam between the two parts is quite visible. 


Designed with a unique housing for the SSR,the ergonomic design assists in easy insertion and removal of the earpiece. Therefore, ensuring a proper fit while maintaining the highest sound quality.

ssr earphone white


The SSR uses a single (Beryllium-coated dome) dynamic driver for the neutrally tuned IEM.The acoustic engineers at Moondrop tuned the new SSR according to the diffuse field sound target. Therefore, the sound signature should be fairly neutral.


The midrange is clear, tonally accurate and realistic. There’s a lot of detail and both female and male voices are well reproduced. Treble boost they even feel open and enough spacious to handle live tracks.


moondrop ssr earphone



Frequency Range: 20Hz–20000Hz (IEC60318-4)
Sensitivity: 115dB/Vrms (@1khz).
Impedance: 16Ω (@1khz).
Diaphragm: Beryllium-Coated Dome + PU suspension ring.
Housing material: Liquid metal alloy.
THD: ≤ 1%.
Cable Interface: 0.78 2-pin.
Coil: φ 0.035mm-CCAW [Daikoku].
Acoustic Filter: Patented Anti-Blocking Filter.




Videos Compendium

1) MOONDROP SSR show video from SHENZHENAUDIO,originally published on Aug.5, 2020




2) Zeos' from Z Reviews overview of MOONDROP SSR ,orignally published on Aug.16, 2020:

 Once it's in your ear, there's no weight or anything to cause them to be uncomfortable so they are just perfect.”


“James Horner- begin the beguine, very quiet song, basically like an acoustical,it is a sound demoand It's just soft and accurate and I don't want any more.”




3) MOONDROP SSR unboxing video was published in Super* Review on June,12,2020.

The relatively lengthy nozzle allows this thing to fit fairly deep into the ear canal and it is pretty strong isolation I'd say.”


“It feels like a pretty quality product,it doesn't feel cheap. I am,again! For 40 bucks ,I am pretty impressed already."



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