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iBasso IT07 6BA+1DD Hybrid IEM Review

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Dec 03, 2020

There are various brands in the China audio industry that offer great products with great value for money. iBasso Audio is a well-known brand among them in the audio industry. They have a wide range of products from Hi-res Digital Audio Players to Hi-res USB Type-C DAC/AMPs in the market. Including DX220, DX160 Hi-res players; IT00, IT01s, IT04 IEMs and DC01, DC03 USB Type-C DAC/AMPs.


SHENZHENAUDIO is now an authorized seller for IBASSO brand and all products are for sale globally. As always, any purchase you make comes with 30-Day Lowest Price Guarantee, 30-Day No Reason Return, 7 Days DOA Product Guarantee. Get started on your worry-free holiday shopping with us!




IBasso has been in the market for numerous years now, with players, DACs and more recently, earphones. iBasso has a line up of in-ear monitors, with multiple balanced armature drivers, they call this "AM" line up as All Music. And there is another lineup of in-ear monitors called the "IT" series, as the abbreviation of "In Tune", which represents the harmony of sound. The iBasso IT07 is priced at 899.99$, It is currently available on SHENZHENAUDIO.


As the latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors,  iBasso IT07 is housed 1 dynamic driver and 6 Knowles BA drivers on each side. The dynamic driver is equipped with a high magnetic flux magnet with a magnetic flux close to 1 Tesla.By laying out the BA driver for ultra-high frequencies on the same axis as the dynamic driver.  In a four-way frequency division ensures to provide the best sound quality experience free.




IT07 comes in very elegant packaging. Opening the first layer of packaging we get an aluminum alloy box and three sets of replaceable filters. The gold filter provides a small cut on the low end, the black filter opens the low end up a little, and the silver is in between.  A box rests snugly in the lid, that contains the stock cable, manual, and five packs eartips of different types. 


The Litz structure 2.5mm balanced stock cable is slightly tight, will not produce a stethoscope effect. And it equips with a removable 3.5mm adapter, not too hard to connect or disconnect. In terms of wearing, it is not heavy for me and the resin shell is very skin-friendly. Compared with some multi-unit coil earphones, the cavity of IT07 is not large, it proved to be quite comfortable wearing.


 ibasso it07


The first impression left me is that it has a high sound density, but this high density is not a very cramped and oppressive sense of hearing. Thanks to the good horizontal sound field and the regular sound arrangement. In the sound of Princess Mononoke’s the BattleDrums, it will bounce faster and slowly diffuse into the entire sound field, there will be some lingering rhyme, and the vibration of the drum head can be actually felt. Flexible, full, excellent dynamics in Bass.


When it comes to instrumental music, the resolution is excellent for the price range. Take a Schonfeld March in Vienna 2019, there is a complete soundstage horizontally and vertically, showing the momentum. At the same time, the arrangement of the instrumental music is clearly positioned. It is quite neutral detailed and transparent IEM.


 iBasso IT07 overwied video from Facebook:


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