Blessing 2 : Dusk Will Be Available Soon

by SHENZHEN AUDIO on Dec 07, 2020

MOONDROP is a Chi-fi brand known for develop, manufacture, distribute high performance earbuds. MOONDROP Blessing 2 , a highly successful pair of IEMs, was released last yearIt features premium designed earpieces with a powerful five driver hybrid setup on each side. And this brilliant pair is also highly appreciated by different critics.


And now, MOONDROP X CRINACLE Blessing 2 : Dusk, a jointly collaborative IEM with In-Ear Fidelity is finalized! Dusk is a retuned version of Blessing 2, it will be available for pre-order on 12,Dec, priced at US $329.99. The exclusive purchase channel is at For engraving version, it is only for the box art mascot as below picture, priced at $359.99. 




Dusk is more neutral and more about being a punchier, less upper-mid-forward version of the Blessing 2. It also houses a 10mm DD unit that provides a punchy lower end, dual Softears D-Mid-A BA units that provides beautiful transparent mids section with lush vocals, and dual Knowles SWFK BA units that ensure a brilliantly detailed treble section as original Blessing 2.


As Crinacle posted: 


At any case, according to my own experiences it takes quite a bit more bass boost in an IEM relative to headphones and speakers to get the same perceived bass response, so obviously the Dusk will get some extra oomph in the low-end. And when it comes to bass, you all know I preach the word of “sub”. No dirty 1kHz bass shelf for the Dusk here, only the highest quality boost concentrated from 150-200Hz down. 


Basically, the Blessing2:Dusk addresses most of my taste-related complaints of the Blessing 2, namely the slightly forward upper midrange and kind of bass emphasis that I like. It’s not like the Dusk is a completely different IEM from the Blessing 2, after all I already consider the tonality of the Blessing 2 to be pretty much “all there” and so awarded it with the “S” grade in tonality. Just some minor changes here and there to “improve” what is already a great IEM.




Overall, Dusk’s sound is to have something that’s perceptibly neutral, in the sense that no region seems overly boosted nor dipped in normal music listening. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact our support team through our website’s live chat directly or just email us at The rest of the MOONDROP collection is available here.

Moondrop sign jointly  

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